Overnight Desert Safari Dubai Deals and Offers

The desert is beautiful at any time of year, but at nights when temperatures can get as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s even more breathtaking! Our Overnight Dubai Safari Tour offers that will take you to some of the most beautiful places in the vast stretches of Dubai’s deserts. The tour is conducted by our experienced guides and drivers trained in handling different types of vehicles. We are also offering different Overnight desert Safari packages.

The tour includes:

1. Free pick up and drop off at your hotel or anywhere in Dubai.

2. Dune bashing on the dunes at night with the help of 4×4 jeeps, comfortable seats and safety belts.

3. Sand buggy rides through the desert camel and horse riding, dinner & drinks, and breakfast.

5. Dirt bike tour through the desert areas of Dubai while enjoying driving skills & adrenalin rush experience

6. Camel ride through desert areas of Dubai while enjoying driving skills & adrenalin rush experience

7. Soft drinks & refreshments


This tour is full of adventure, excitement and fun. You will be taken to some of the most beautiful places in Dubai, where you will be given free rein to explore at your own pace. You can choose whether you would like to go on a camel ride or horseback riding if that’s more your style! If not, then sand buggies and dune bashing activities are available for you to enjoy too!

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Basic Package-dubaidesertsafarifun

Overnight Desert Safari


AED 150 | Per Person


Overnight Desert Safari


AED 250 | Per Person

Desert Safari Premium package-dubaidesertsafarifun

Overnight Desert Safari


AED 350 | Per Person

Overnight desert safari trip Dubai

Overnight Desert Safari trip offers a Complete Package to Quench your Thirst for Adventure

You’re the ultimate thrill seeker and ready to take on the nightlife in Dubai. So, here’s a deal: You get a free pick-up and drop-off from your hotel, a Dune Bashing tour, a sand buggy ride, a horseback riding excursion, and an optional dirt bike tour—all with your private guide. And that’s just for starters!

The more adventurous you are, the better this package is for you. If you like to go fast and wild, we have three more activities for you: camel riding (which is excellent if you’ve ever wanted to ride one), refreshments on our private tour (you’ll have access to soft drinks), and breakfast!

All of this awaits on our desert safari in Dubai. Not every day you get an opportunity like this—and it doesn’t get much better!

Book your Desert Safari Dubai Night package today when you’re ready to experience the desert safari like a local. Looking for a Desert safari near me? Get information on Desert Safari ticket prices by contacting us now!

What can you expect from our Desert safari trips?

The desert safari tour allows visitors to engage in activities such as quad bike riding, dirt biking, sand bashing, and live shows with refreshments and BBQ. With our diverse range of packages and services, we ensure that every visitor gets the best value for money with us!

  • You can take pictures with camels on the camel ride tour.
  • You get dune, sand bashing, and Dune Buggy Dubai Tours with Desert Safari Dubai.
  • You’ll get to experience some of Dubai’s best desert landmarks and some of its most beautiful natural features in one day.
  • Whether you’re a sand-bashing aficionado or an arid dune-bashing enthusiast, there’s something for everyone on our Dubai Safari Tour itinerary.
  • You can even get your own Private desert safari tour if you prefer going out all by yourself.
  • The camel ride is also included in all tours so that you can get up close and personal with these majestic creatures while they let you ride them along their paths through the desert.
  • The sand buggy tour is a unique way to explore Dubai’s deserts by taking a ride on a dune buggy specially adapted for this purpose. The driver will show you around Dubai’s deserts as he drives through them at high speed to get that adrenaline pumping through your veins!

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Overnight Desert Safari – Process

Dubai safari tours are a must-do for anyone who wants to truly experience the incredible sand-stretched deserts. But what’s even better than seeing the city from the comfort of a luxurious hotel? Seeing the deserts in style, with sand between your toes, a private tour guide, and your own buggy.

  • First up: We’ll pick you up at your hotel or apartment, give you a smooth ride over the dunes, and then drop you off at your next stop! You can also enjoy free soft drinks throughout your trip.
  • Next up: We’ve got camel rides planned for every stop on our route—and they’re not just for kids! You’ll be able to get up close with these majestic animals as they carry hay bales between their humps.
  • Then there’s sand buggy driving: What better way to see Dubai than behind the wheel of a high-powered vehicle designed for speed?
  • And finally (but definitely not least), we have horseback riding planned for the daring. After that, get ready for some Desert safari camping!
  • In the morning, we offer a luxurious breakfast with some of the most exotic local foods to give you the rich experience of a true Middle Eastern Breakfast. Drop off at your hotel’s.


Payment Method

Overnight Desert Safari Tour Overview

Pick up Drop Off

Overnight Desert Safari Tour is a great way to see the beautiful desert. The tour starts with a pick-up and drop-off at your hotel. You will then be taken on a private tour of the desert, visiting some of the best-preserved dune fields in the world. You will also get to take part in camel riding and sand boarding. Then it is all about relaxation and fun with a BBQ buffet dinner, live shows, and sleeping tents.

Our pick-up and drop-off point is at your hotel, which we’ll be able to confirm with you once you book. Drop off is 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM and pick up is from 2:00 to 2:30 PM.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing on an authentic dune buggy that fits up to 8 passengers at once. You’ll get to drive through the sand (and maybe even crash your ride!), then cool down with a nice drink after your ride.

Camel Ride

A camel ride (with a bit of a twist) where you’ll be able to see how these majestic animals live and work in their natural habitat. It’s also fun because they’ll try to nibble on your hair.

Sand Boarding

Yes, that’s right—where you’ll learn how to make it yourself so you can try it out later on your own time. You can even bring some friends and make it a group activity!

BBQ Buffet Dinner

We’ll also have some BBQ dinner, and after this, we will have some live shows before heading back to our tents to sleep until morning.

BBQ buffet dinner served under starry skies by candlelight. Other options include roast chicken and steaks from the grill (cooked over an open fire) and fresh salads and veggies grown at camp (and harvested organically).

Live Shows

You will arrive at your camp, where you will enjoy live entertainment shows (belly dance and tunura dance) that will keep you entertained throughout your stay. This is an amazing option if you’re looking for something more interactive with your entertainment and a chance to interact with the locals.

Sleeping Tent

Finally, you’ll sleep in tents overnight before waking up for breakfast! Our tents are equipped with everything you need for an unforgettable stay in the desert: plush beds, blankets and plenty of space to relax after a long day’s drive through the desert.


The next morning, you’ll be woken up and enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared by your guides.

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